Hydrogen for your company

The switch to hydrogen makes companies future-proof, even with stricter CO2 requirements

  • CO2 pricing is already having an impact on investment decisions and the competitiveness of companies in all sectors. Additional costs, which will also rise steadily in the foreseeable future due to stricter climate protection laws, are the obvious manifestation. At the same time, however, the requirements for CO2 compliance are increasing along the supply chain all the way to the end consumer.
  • The early conversion to “green” hydrogen, as part of a package of measures, can make a significant contribution to making companies CO2-neutral.
  • Hydrogen is one of the few possibilities to replace fossil fuels, especially in heavy goods vehicle traffic. Hydrogen-powered vehicles do not differ significantly from diesel vehicles in terms of payload, refueling time and suitability for everyday use, but they can be operated completely CO2-neutrally.
  • In addition, hydrogen can be used in many other areas, right up to CO2-neutral fuel for industrial processes. The key is usually in the near-consumption electrolysis using electricity from wind, water or solar power.

However, the use of hydrogen must take into account individual issues and circumstances in the company:

  • Is green hydrogen an option for our company and if so, in what form?
  • When is the right time to start switching to hydrogen?
  • In which areas of our company is there a need for action and what role can hydrogen play in this?
  • What is the right technical solution and which providers and components can be sensibly combined?
  • How can our logistics be converted to hydrogen as economically as possible and without friction losses?
  • Is the existing wind turbine or solar power generation sufficient to generate hydrogen on site for our company through electrolysis?
  • How can additional green energy sources be developed?
  • How can the generation of renewable energies and the electrolysis of hydrogen be brought into agreement in terms of time and quantity?

The first step: identify and evaluate options for your company

  • smart hydrogen solutions GmbH is a specialist in both renewable energies and hydrogen.
  • We offer the complete value chain from the procurement of green electricity to the planning, implementation and operation of plants for the production of green hydrogen.
  • In addition, we advise both companies and institutions on converting their processes to H2-based supply chains. As part of a consultation day, our specialists will work with you to record the most important parameters of your company, inform you about the possibilities and challenges of converting to hydrogen and provide you with an initial analysis including possible further steps with which you can future-proof your company on the subject of CO2 Prepare for compliance.
  • Record and discuss relevant parameters of your company by phone or in a video conference.
  • Analysis of your data on green electricity generation, electricity consumption, energy consumption in the company, scope and structure of the vehicle fleet, logistics and route profiles.
  • Answering your questions about hydrogen, technologies for the production of green hydrogen, use of the hydrogen generated on site, H2 commercial vehicles and all related topics.
  • Creation of a compact report with specific recommendations on how to proceed further with regard to the use of hydrogen in the company.
  • Feedback round by telephone or in a video conference to discuss the proposed options